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синонимы, definition Skunk cabbage

4 synonyms
2 definitions
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1. skunk cabbage (Noun)

4 synonyms
# Word Number of letters Number of synonyms
1. lysichiton americanum 20 letters 1 synonym
2. symplocarpus foetidus 20 letters 3 synonyms
3. foetid pothos 12 letters 3 synonyms
4. polecat weed 11 letters 3 synonyms
2 definitions
skunk cabbage (Noun) —   Deciduous perennial low-growing fetid swamp plant of eastern North America having minute flowers enclosed in a mottled greenish or purple cowl-shaped spathe
skunk cabbage (Noun) —   Clump-forming deciduous perennial swamp plant of western North America similar to Symplocarpus foetidus but having a yellow spathe
3 types of
# Word Number of letters Number of synonyms
1. bog plant 8 letters 2 synonyms
2. marsh plant 10 letters 2 synonyms
3. swamp plant 10 letters 2 synonyms
2 parts of
# Word Number of letters Number of synonyms
1. symplocarpus 12 letters 1 synonym
2. genus symplocarpus 17 letters 1 synonym
All synonyms in one line
lysichiton americanum, symplocarpus foetidus, foetid pothos, polecat weed.
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